Welcome to the Eccentric Rich Uncle Blog.  Here, we plan to share our idiosyncratic ideas and habits which supports a lifestyle of financial independence.  Your mileage may vary…

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-10-24-00We are a couple now in our early 30s living in the Pacific Northwest area. We went to school together and both have engineering background (which seems a common trait in the FIRE community). We both started our full time career on the same day (7/9/2012). Our original goal was to reach financial independence and retire in the next 5 years by 2021.  We have met our financial goals but are yet to pull the trigger.

You can read more about Eccentric Rich Uncle (ER Uncle) and Eccentric Cute Aunt (EC Aunt) from posts below.

2017 in Review: Savings and growth

Year in Review: 2017 Expenses

3.3X my start salary in 5 years

2016 in Review

ER Uncle’s Humble Beginnings…

Eccentric Cute Aunt’s College Days

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