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EC Aunt here!  I discovered there is this thing called “Money Map” from The Frugal Gene. I really loved the rainbow-colored map Lily built and decided to build our own. Cuz I really love building excel charts. I once built an excel chart explaining how we organize all the cupboards in our kitchen.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 22.40.42.png

Income Line: Mainly plain old paycheck for ER Uncle. Paycheck and RSU for me. I am a minimalist so I do sell things I no longer use (clothes, beauty products, etc) but the side hustle income is very small. We rent our our spare bedroom suite on Airbnb for fun and money.

Pre-tax Line: We both max out our 401K ($36K total per yr) and our joint HSA ($6750 per yr). We no longer qualify for any IRA anymore ;(

Tax Line: We are at 33% bracket based on our AGI and sadly we don’t have very much deductions. Fortunately Washington State does not have income tax yet. Our Airbnb income is taxed for income and self-employment. Good news is for self-employment tax, my employer paycheck maxed out on the social security portion, so we are only paying for the medicare portion. We withhold additional tax through our paycheck.

Bank Line: We love combining our accounts as much as possible to keep things simple.

End Flow Line: We use credit card for 99% of our spend. so much more convenient vs carrying cash. We keep some money in our savings account as emergency fund.

Below please see a summary of all accounts:

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 22.24.34

Love that everyone uses their own style to build the map! What does yours look like?

Luxe Strategist

Budget on a Stick

Ms. Adventure Rich

Othala Fehu


Working Optional

Apathy Ends:

The Frugal Gene

41 thoughts on “Our Money Map

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  4. luxestrategist

    I love how everyone has their own designs for their maps! I got married this year so I feel you on the lack of deductions. Do you funnel the money you used to contribute to the IRAs to a taxable account?


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