EC Aunt’s Fav #4 – After a long day at work

Although the blog is intended for ER uncle to share his personal finance ideas, I decided to hijack his blog to share my fav items that bring me constant joy. Every time I pick up the item, I get this immersive feeling of satisfaction and can’t help to think “I am so glad I got this”.

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My work has been really busy these days. I am working about 9-10hrs a day. So not crazy long hours compared to lots of other people. But that combined with all the craziness at work can be very stressful and exhausting. Here are some things I love after a long day at work.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 22.29.20.png


I find an aromatic candle extremely calming and stress-relieving. There must be something special about watching the flame and smelling the scent. It just gives peace to your mind. My fav so far are LAFCO
ski house (woody scents)
and LAFCO breakfast room (Citrus Berry scents). The candles are huge and supposed to last 90 hours. Look at how big it is. I also really love the handblown glass.

Hot-chocolate (or Hot tea)

I always love the hot chocolate from Starbucks. The double-chocolate one is very indulging/chocolaty without being too sweat. The peppermint one just screams “it’s holiday time”. When I don’t want to get too much calories in at night Teavana white chocolate peppermint tea. It smells as amazing as it tastes.

Massage from ER uncle – Love ❤

Super-soft moisturizing socks

I always put lotion on my feet and then out on the super-soft socks. These socks are also infused with aloe vera to continually moisturize your skin. You feet will become really soft over time.

Cozy Blankie

We fight for a new cozy blankie at white elephant gift exchange every year. So nice to be able to cuddle around the light-weight furry blankie. #WhiteElephantGiftIdea


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