EC Aunt’s Fav #3 – Tropical Vacation

Although the blog is intended for ER uncle to share his personal finance ideas, I decided to hi-jack his blog to share my fav items that bring me constant joy. Every time I pick up the item, I get this immersive feeling of satisfaction and can’t help to think “I am so glad I got this”.

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We had our first snow this week. This totally makes me miss all our tropical island vacations. It’s funny that I always love packing and preparing for our vacation. Writing this post about my favorite things for a tropical vacation is a good opportunity to re-live all the sweet memories.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 23.59.34.png

Swell Bottle – Teal Ocean

While it is great to escape winter, it is usually quite warm in the tropical islands. No matter we are taking the day relaxing and swimming or walking everywhere siteseeing, it is always so amazing when we get a drink of ice cold water to stay hydrated. I might be weird, but I actually do not like any sweet drinks, and love drinking water. The Swell bottles keeps drinks cold for 24hrs. We take it with us everywhere, vacationing, hiking, office, etc. The teal ocean one is a perfect gift to pamper yourself before the vacation even starts. One thing to call out, the logo does rub off over time, but the design stays 🙂

Panama hat

The panama hat creats a trendy and effortless look. It is also so functional at the same time to keep away from the harsh direct sunlight.

LA ROCHE-POSAY Antioxidant Serum with Sunscreen

I actually use this as a sunscreen. I pack two sunscreens, this one for my face and a generic cheap one for my body. Normal sunscreen always feels like they are floating on my face after application. It is really bad when I am playing in the water (I say playing in the water because I can not swim). Normal sunscreen will get in my eye and hurt really bad. This one is very very very lightweight, and it does not float on my face. The best sunscreen ever and a great skin care product.

Tropical Vacation Fav

Tropical Print dress

Gotta match the ambience…

Julep Teal Nail Polish

Have you realized that I love color teal yet? I love doing my own nails. The same reason adult coloring books are so popular. I find it very calming and relaxing.

Wedge Flip Flop

I am 5’2. Pretty short! So I always wear heels. Going on a vacation, heels seems like an overkill. Especially if you are getting to the beach, even a normal wedge is too much. I found these wedge flip flop casual and easy enough to relax in and at the same time elongate your legs and makes you look cute.


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