EC Aunt’s Fav #2 – Make up in the Car

Although the blog is intended for ER uncle to share his personal finance ideas, I decided to hi-jack his blog to share my fav items that bring me constant joy. Every time I pick up the item, I get this immersive feeling of satisfaction and can’t help to think “I am so glad I got this”. Check out previous post EC Aunt’s Fav #1 – Lip Steal vs. Splurge.

Today we are going to talk about my make-up essentials to quickly complete a cute look for work. These items are compact and easy to apply. In the morning, I carpool with ER uncle and I am able to finish my make up within 15 mins sitting in the car. They fit into a small make up bag that I pack with me when I travel.

screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-21-54-141. ELIZABETH ARDEN CERAMIDE CAPSULES

All make-up should start with good skin care. When your skin is in good condition (well hydrated), the make-up applies so much easier. The Ceramide capsules are part of my skin care routine. I also keep 3 capsules in my make-up bag for days when my skin feels dry. These individual capsules keep the ingredient fresh without any preservatives and they are so easy to carry.


I absolutely LOVE the Water Canvas foundation from VL. It is very light weight and gives a great natural look. It contains 75% Microwater, a 100% natural botanical seaweed polymer, and silica which maintain the skin’s moisture balance. When you apply this to your skin, it feels like applying cold water on it which is really cool. It melts on to your skin and have a matte, real-skin powder finish. This also has a great coverage as it allows you build layers without looking or feeling thick and heavy. No loose powder is needed after using this, so it is a great way to save a make-up step and one less product to own.

I have tried lots of brand name foundations (the most recent being Dior Forever Liquid Foundation & Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation). While they are good products, I am never truly impressed. I never like the sticky feeling of the liquid foundation and the dry feeling of mineral foundation. The Vincent Longo Water Canvas Foundation is the product I finally found. At $58, it is not cheap but it is money well-spent and I enjoy every bit of it. Just love the feeling it has on my skin and the natural look! If you are interested in learning more before making the investment, here is a video that I found that leads to my purchase. You can see the seaweed polymer texture very well in the video.

I also got a travel compact as it has the same lid lock to prevent evaporation. The mirror and sponge are super handy to put make-up in the car or when you are traveling.

screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-21-55-334. ELIZABETH ARDEN CERAMIDE CREAM BLUSH

As an asian, I find my face looks extremely “flat” after putting on foundation. Since I want my make-up routine to be easy, contouring is not out of the picture. Blush is a life saver as it gives dimensions to my face. I love creme blush as no big blush brush is necessary. I am also on a quest to search for a blush/lip color combo product. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


Love! It works great on my lash and folds SMALL and FlAT. The pink color is super cute!


I do not use eyeliner all the time. When I do, I use this classic.



I splurge on anything on my skin. From skin care to make-up, I rarely buy drug store products with one exception- Mascara. This is when I find drugstore brands actually work very well. Also, you are supposed to replace mascara every 3 months for hygiene reasons.

8. My favorite Lip product – YSL Tint-in Lip Oil

I wrote about this in my last post. Totally swear by this!


Achieve the easiest eye looks ever in one convenient stick-no brushes required. Lots of brands have eyeshadow sticks nowadays. I really like this one from Julep. Julep is a cute little brand and they have great nail polishes as well.


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